Cycling is a fun and thrilling way to get in more exercise. It can also be a great way to explore trails and roads in a new way. For those who have always been interested in the activity but have no idea on how to get started, these cycling tips for beginners will help you hit the road in time!

Wear a Helmet

This is the most important rule of cycling: always wear a helmet. Head injuries are a serious risk while cycling, making it imperative to have a helmet on at all times. It’s also important to not opt for the cheapest helmet. In order to protect your head if an accident were to occur, you want to protect your head with quality equipment. 

Use Your Gears

When first getting started in cycling, it’s easy to want to stick to pedalling in just one gear the whole time. However, not using the proper gears while riding can make it much harder. For instance, when climbing uphill, be sure to shift into a gear that will keep your cadence in the right range of RPMs. This will take off stress your knees and make the ride much easier. Also, try to change your gears before you go up the hills rather than when you are on the hill, this will make the start of the hill easier and also take the pressure off the chain when changing gears.

Shift Your Position

Another bad habit many beginners are guilty of is not changing their position while cycling. While riding, remember to move your hands around on the bars and your rear end around on the saddle. By doing these movements, your hands, arms, and rear won’t get numb or sore from staying in the same position for too long.

Get the Right Bike Fit

Another way to make riding easier is by making sure your bike is the right fit. Before buying a bike, make sure it fits your body correctly. This way, riding can be much more efficient and makes it less painful. There is nothing worse than unbearable soreness in the middle of your ride. Getting the right bike fit will help prevent this from happening.

Obey the Road Rules

To prevent accidents and injuries to you or others, remember to know and understand the rules of the road beforehand. When on the road, always ride the traffic. Be sure to keep a close on cars, pedestrians, and the road at all times.