Australia is one of the most beautiful countries to explore via bike. With many views along roads, trails, and mountains, taking your bike for a ride has never been a more incredible adventure. While there are many fantastic roads and trails in Australia to explore, some outshine the rest and are a must for cycling. Check out the best trails and roads for cycling in Australia:

Bright Victoria 

Whether you are looking to ride along a trail, mountain bike, cycle the road, or go for a leisure ride, Bright Victoria is a fantastic place to take your bike. Bright is a beautiful village, sitting in a valley nestled between mountains that offer breathtaking views along every ride. There are also bicycle transport services available as well as tour operators that offer tailormade packages for guided cycling. 

Within the area of Bright Victoria, you can find Falls Creek, Mount Buffalo, and Mount Hotham. Falls Creek is perfect for the avid cyclist to try out the Alpine Loop, Peaks Challenge Falls Creek, and the 7 Peaks. The Mount Buffalo ride begins at the Mount Buffalo National Park tollbooth, has a steady climb with incredible scenery along the way, and finishes Mount Buffalo Chalet. Mount Hotham is one of Victoria’s most iconic cycling climbs, from Harrietville to the Mt. Hotham Alpine Resort, with three distinct parts.

New South Wales Southern Highlands 

Road riders in Australia are especially drawn the New South Wales Southern Highlands. The quiet country roads and lanes are mostly 80kph and above, winding through picturesque villages. If you’re on a mountain bike, road bike or electric bike, the New South Wales Highlands is a must for cyclists. 

Some of the climbs to check out within this region are Barrangarry Mountain, Berry Mountain, Wattamolla, Wood Hill, Jamberoo pass, Macquarie Pass, Saddleback and Cambewarra Mountain. Kangaroo Valley is a great place to base yourself and some good rides include looping from Kangaroo Valley (KV) up Berry Mountain, through Berry (for a bite to eat), up Woodhill and back to KV. Or up Berry Mountain, take the ridge road to Camberwarra lookout and then drop down via Nowra to the coast (and back). Or up Barrangarry Mountain, along Myra Vale Rd to Robertson for a pie and return. Notable trails include Bong Bong Track, Cherry Tree Walk, Welby Mountain Biking Track, and Wingello Mountain Bike Trail. Some of these trails vary in level of difficulty, but it shouldn’t be hard to find one that matches your skillset.

Sydney Harbour Bike Paths

Cycling by the water is a great way to explore Sydney. There are many great Sydney Harbour Bike Paths to ride along with your friends and family. Some of the best ones to check out are riding over the Harbour Bridge to Watson’s Bay, around Parramatta River along the bike paths, or the Cook’s River Trail. The views on these rides are world-class and include Sydney Harbour, the iconic Opera House, and Luna Park. Check out for an encyclopaedic look at around 800 kilometres of cycling around some of Sydney’s most scenic places and best bike paths.