Travelling the world is an amazing experience––travelling the world by bike is an incredible adventure. From country to country are trails, paths, and roads that you can take by bike to find breathtaking views and immerse yourself into a whole new world. While biking around the world can seem like a difficult feat, there are plenty of destinations for beginner and intermediate cyclists to venture to.

Causeway Coastal Route

Northern Ireland has always been known for its stunning beauty and gorgeous views. In Northern Ireland, cyclists can ride along the Causeway Coastal Route (also see to gaze upon the restless Irish Sea, mountains, glens, cliffs, intricate rock formations, and even castles. Since this route is right next to the sea, it is mostly flat and perfect for beginners. Along the way, riders will also find many a small town of friendly locals and stop by the pub for a quick break on their journey.

Danube Cycling Path

Europe is a wonderful destination for cyclists of all skill levels. For beginners, they’ll be able to experience the Danube Cycling Path that runs through Germany and Austria––the best-known cycle route in Europe. The incredible path is a well-signposted bike route with amazing views. It follows along the River Danube all the way from its source in Germany, travelling through 10 countries to the Black Sea. This route offers many places to see with easy terrain and almost no traffic.

Amakusa Islands in Kyushu

For a safe destination to travel to, Japan is one safest of the countries to go on an adventure. Although Japan can get quite hilly along bike paths, making it difficult for most beginners,  the Amakusa Islands in Kyushu offers a much different route. On these islands, the ride is short and easy but isn’t without breathtaking scenery. 

The Visayas Islands

Another common destination for cyclists of all skill level is the Philippines. The Visayas islands of Cebu, Bohol, Negros, Guimaraes, and Panay are great for bicycle touring for beginners. The roads are pretty flat while following the coastline and paved with little to no traffic for an easy ride. What makes this easy path even better is being so close to the shore. Cyclists can easily hop off their bike and go into the water for a cool and refreshing dip after a long ride.