Australia’s vast landscapes are perfect for exploring on two wheels, but what if you could combine a fun family bike ride with a journey through history? Luckily, several fantastic trails across the country tick both boxes! So, dust off your helmets, pack a picnic basket, and prepare to cycle into the past.

Victoria’s Gold Rush Gems:

Victoria’s gold rush era in the mid-1800s left a lasting mark on the state. Explore this fascinating period by riding the scenic Great Divide Rail Trail. This primarily off-road trail stretches over 340 kilometres, but you can choose a shorter, family-friendly section. Learn about the gold rush towns that once bustled with activity by visiting preserved buildings and museums. The historic town of Beechworth, a well-preserved gold rush settlement, is an excellent stop for a picnic and to soak in the atmosphere.

New South Wales Convict Trail:

Head north to New South Wales and discover the history of convict transportation on the Parramatta River Cycleway. This mostly flat, easy-to-navigate trail follows the Parramatta River, a vital waterway for early Sydney. Learn about the role convicts played in the colony’s development by visiting convict-built structures like Parramatta Park and the historic town of Parramatta itself. Enjoy stunning river views and spot native birds as you cycle this scenic route.

Western Australia’s Fremantle Prison Trail:

Western Australia’s Fremantle boasts a rich convict history. Take a short, family-friendly ride on the Fremantle Heritage Trail to glimpse this bygone era. This mostly flat, traffic-free trail winds past several historical landmarks, including the imposing Fremantle Prison, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the prison’s cell blocks and tunnels, and imagine life for convicts in the 19th century.

South Australia’s Colonial Charm:

Travel back in time with a leisurely cycle along Adelaide’s Linear Park Trail. This multi-use trail follows the Torrens River, offering stunning city views and a chance to discover Adelaide’s colonial past. Stop by the Adelaide Gaol, a beautifully preserved prison built in the 1840s, to understand the city’s penal history. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the Adelaide Central Market, a historic market brimming with fresh produce and local delights – perfect for a post-cycle refuel.

These are just a few examples – many more historical bike trails are waiting to be explored across Australia. So, pack your bikes, grab your sense of adventure, and prepare for a fun-filled family ride through time!