Safety is essential when becoming an avid cyclist. This means knowing the rules of the road, taking extra precautions while riding, and even making safe clothing choices. Cyclists’ clothing is an important part of riding safely. Dressing in black and dark colours may be fashionable but reflective clothing can make you better seen by drivers. As well, cyclists need to think about what  types of clothing can protect you from weather or other elements, and the right ensemble can make your ride more comfortable in general, thereby keeping you safer. . Follow these top tips on safe clothing for cyclists:

Always Wear a Helmet

A piece of clothing you never want to hop on your bike without is your helmet. A helmet must always be worn when cycling to avoid head injury. It’s also essential to choose the right type of helmet for optimal protection. An appropriate helmet needs to be fitted properly to your head. To ensure it’s the right fits, the helmet should sit comfortably right above your eyebrows and not tilted in any way. The best way to make sure the straps are fastened tight enough is to see if only two fingers can fit between the strap and your chin. Your helmet should be bought brand new and replaced every five years for optimal safety. A brightly coloured helmet will help you to stand out to drivers and passers-by so avoid dark colours and black. 

Clothing During the Day

Many cyclists make the mistake of wearing the wrong type of safety clothing during the day. Since it’s light out, they mistakenly believe there is no need to wear high-visibility clothing. On the contrary, during the day cyclists should wear clothing that will stand out like bright, fluorescent colours or light colours . White is a great choice for day-riders as it’s easy for drivers to spot. Or if you do want to wear darker colours, combine them with brightly coloured accessories like a fluro gilet, white helmet or brightly coloured socks so at least some elements of your clothing will stand out When wearing fluorescent colours, the sun’s ultraviolet rays react by making them appear to ‘glow’. Another good tip is to  to use a rear light throughout the day. Even during the day, you can enter into darkness every now and then if your ride takes you through underpasses, tunnels, or bridges. 

Clothing During the Night

When going cycling at night, it’s important to always wear bright and reflective clothing. Riding through the darkness will obviously make it harder for both cars and pedestrians to see you so this is not the time to go riding in dark clothing. Neon clothing with reflective elements can illuminate you when headlights pass you by and make you more visible. It’s also important to keep reflective and bright accessories on your bike. Flashing lights on your bike can make you be seen faster, even before the car’s headlights pass over your reflective clothing.